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Selasa, 31 Maret 2009

Rainy days

Well rain everywhere....every lady become lady rain....so girls...put your umbrella everywhere you go...remember...healty is number one...if you sick...everything gonna be mussy...

Minggu, 15 Maret 2009


I have a friend, she always depend on all of her friends. She never does everything without involve her friends. For example, she often asks me to accompany her to do shopping. What a boring job. She can spend many hours just to search for a shirt. What a bummer. She always does the same thing. I don’t know what will happen to her if she looses all of her friends. Its look like the chicks looses their hen. And I can get something important from this case. We should independent of the other people. We have to do everything by our self. We can not depend on other people forever. So guys...do it your self and be independent.


Backstreet. Many couple do this stuff. why..cause hey all forbiden maybe with their parents to have a relation with their boyfriend or girlfriend. so they do backstreet. i think backstreet is fun as long as the couple enjoy it...so enjoy your backsrteet

saturday nite

Saturday nite is identic with couple. in saturday nite many couples spend their time together like see the movie, have dinner or maybe just walk around the mall. so...enjoy your saturday nite with someone special

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