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Sabtu, 30 Mei 2009


I have a dream..its one of famous song from westlife...
Everyone has their own dream...and you have to make your dreams come true...
So ...fight for it


Every time, commercial breaks fulfill our mind. Every department store try to attract consumer as many as possible. They offer good and high quality product with low cost. Or in other words they offer big discount or sale. Even several luxurious department store offer special discount program like midnite sale. The store open until 12 : 00 pm. And this effort is success. Many customer willing stay in the department store until late. Its reflection of consumptive people. But it ok, as long as they have money and wanna spend it by shopping till death. But remember...the product which offered with big discount not always in high quality. They might be the rejected product. So before you do the silly shopping , its better to check the product first. High quality product is impossible sold with low price. Ok...guys...enjoy your shopping and be the smart shopper.

Jumat, 29 Mei 2009

Nowadays, Facebook become one of lifestyle. Facebook, a networks sites can make all of the user sitting in front of computer or netbook for many hours. Clearly, now many people addicted to facebook. Include me. Well I think facebook has many advantages. It could help us find our relations, like class mate, school mate, even our enemy. We can know the latest news from our friends. We can share album photos. But be careful. Facebook can be used by some irresponsibility people who wanna do crime. So do not put your secret information in your profile. So guys...enjoy the technology.

Kamis, 28 Mei 2009

Time is so precious

Time...something we cant stop...
Time...something we cant predict...
Time...something we can control...
Time...something we cant own...
Time is the best thing we have...so use your time with something usefull for everything...everyone...
Time is so precious

Minggu, 24 Mei 2009


Be optimist
Guys...nowadays, we often hear about many people were fired from the company...fired...its sound like a terrible words. But we can’t stag and felt sad and desperate every day...we have many ways to wake up again and manage our self with something new. For example we can make our own business. If we don’t have enough capital why don’t we ask our friend to join and made business together. Its more simple if we have same passion so we just merge our vision and mission. Be optimist we can do it...we can facing this trouble in our life...life is too short to think so as long as we can do many things in our life why cant we do it...so keep on movin.

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